Degree in Dramatic Arts at the university "Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático", in Seville. 

Master Degree in Performing Arts at the university "Universidad Rey Juan Carlos I".

2017/  Cinema and TV technique with Javier Godino. 

2016/  Training workshop in "Joven Compañía Nacional de Teatro Clásico".

            Workshop of playwriting with Laura Rubio Galletero

            Contemporary dance with Marta Gómez.  

2015/  Workshop about Shakespeare with Will Keen.

            Voice training with Celia Guisasola.

2014/  Actoral Training with Lidia Otón, in Estudio Juan Codina.

            Casting workshop with Álvaro Haro, Tonucha Vidal and Javier Luna. 

2013/  "Verse on stage" with Jesús Fuente. Cía. RAKATá.

2012/  Actoral camera training with Macarena Pombo.

       "Passions, dramatic states and emotions" workshop with Mar Navarro and​ Andrés Hernández.
            "Acting tools in cinema and televison" workshop with Eva Lesmes.​​​
2011/  "Neutral mask" workshop with Mar Navarro and Andrés Hernández.

2011/   Casting workshop with Camilla Isola and José Manuel Carrasco.​​​
2010/  "Meeting for research in drama" workshop with Julio Fraga.

2010/  "The written voice" ​workshop of playwriting with Juan Alberto Salvatierra.​​​
2009/   Voice seminar with Liliana Aracil.​​​

2007/  "From drama to ritual" voice seminar with Biba Sheikh.​​​

2006/   Drama training workshop with TAPTC? TEATRO Company. 


                    Complementary Tranining:


            Riding in the Equestrian center "Ecupasil".​

            Mime and Pantomime with Juan Antonio de la Plaza.

            Flamenco dance with Aloma de Balma (2013).

                                              with Fani Murillo (2008-09). 

            Fencing with Amparo Ruiz.

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